Audio Engineering Services & Equipment Rentals

Since 1990, Gerber Acoustic Systems has been providing unmatched professional audio services and equipment for special events across the country for many Fortune 500 companies. Our sound engineering services and surround sound system rentals are sure to make your event an inimitable experience to remember.

Our services:

  • Event sound engineering
  • Audio equipment sales and rental
  • Sound design and consulting
  • Acoustic Treatment and Modification

Gerber Acoustic Systems is the place to go when you want professional sound systems, sound system equipment and operators/engineers. You may think that you can turn to just any East Coast company that provides sound systems and sound engineering and get the same results but you can’t. Some sound system providers are better than others. Some are the best.

Event Sound Engineering

Turn to us for total event sound engineering. We are professionals who are happy to make sure the audio at your next in Miami, Boca Raton, Orlando, Palm Beach County, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale or Naples event is everything you want it to be.

We have performed our sound engineering services for numerous events across the country. We have provided sound systems for corporate meetings, sound systems for corporate events and other special events including musical theatre and dramatic plays. The best in the business world turn to the best in the event sound engineering world. They turn to us. You should too.

Audio Equipment Sales

For professional audio equipment in Florida, do not settle for anything less. Not everyone who needs audio equipment can make do with the equipment you find in stores made for the masses. Sometimes you need the same equipment the pros use, because you want the same professional results. We are professionals who sell the same audio equipment we use because we want you to have access to the very best. We offer a large number of professional brands so you can choose the audio equipment that fits your needs perfectly. Here are some of the audio equipment brands we sell:

  • Yamaha, Soundcraft and Crest mixing consoles
  • Crown, Yamaha and Crest amplifiers and electronics
  • Whirlwind cable and adapters
  • Shure microphones and electronics
  • dbx audio electronics
  • TCS loudspeakers
  • Nexo loudspeakers
  • Viking cases
  • JBL loudspeaker products
  • Crown Amplifiers
  • Harman Company

We offer the best brands around, and we have even developed some of our own audio equipment. When you want to take an event from an amateur status to one with professional audio, you need the right equipment. We sell the right equipment.

For more information about the sound engineering services and sound system rentals from Gerber Acoustic Systems, contact us today.