Why Acoustics Matter

There’s likely a little old building in or near your town where plays, musicals and concerts are presented for the enjoyment of the community. However, many of these buildings were built generations ago and even with some modernization, many still lack good acoustics. What that means, in plain terms, is that it’s hard to hear and/or understand the sounds coming from the stage if you’re sitting in certain seats in the audience. When something like this happens, it distracts from the performance. In other places, the sound is “crystal clear,” but here it’s muddled and hard to understand– not ideal.

These types of buildings could use help from Gerber Acoustic Systems, as could other places where events are held and people gather to hear performances involving the human voice, musical instruments, recordings and more. Bad acoustics cause people– listeners– to complain. There’s nothing worse than an unhappy crowd.

Why do acoustics matter? If not done right, the audience is left unhappy and unsatisfied. They can’t understand what’s being said– and you know how frustrating that is, especially if you’ve paid “good money” to attend an event, right? A venue could conceivably go out of business based on bad acoustics. After all, when people go somewhere specifically to listen to others, and then what they’re hearing just doesn’t sound good to their ears, they’re apt to go elsewhere.

There is beauty in sound, and that beauty can truly be enhanced with good acoustics. A performance space should be set up to take advantage of reverberation, speaker placement, and other things which help make sounds sound dynamic, interesting and pleasurable to the ears.

Gerber Acoustic Systems has been making places and events sound better since 1990. Indeed, the company has built a sterling reputation for unmatched professional audio services and equipment for special events across the country. For more information, call 561-373-4883 or email chassound@gmail.com.




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