Sound Systems & Audio Equipment Sales

For high-quality sound systems and audio equipment sales and rentals, Gerber Acoustic Systems is the leading choice. Events from New York City to San Diego, California benefit from the meticulous care and performance of Gerber Acoustic professionals.

At Gerber Acoustic System, we are proud to represent and sell the same pro audio equipment we use year-round on the road. We are dealers for the following leading brands:

  • Yamaha, Soundcraft and Crest mixing consoles
  • Crown, Yamaha and Crest amplifiers and electronics
  • Crest Audio Amplifiers and electronics
  • Whirlwind Cable and Interfaces
  • Shure microphones and electronics
  • dbx Audio Electronics
  • Viking Cases and Classic Cases
  • JBL Professional Loudspeaker Products
  • Crown Amplifiers and Electronics
  • AKG microphones and Electronics
  • CAD Microphones and Headphones
  • VUE Audiotechnik Speakers and Amplifiers
  • Mackie Mixers Speakers
  • Acoustics First – Acoustics Panel and Devices
  • Soundcraft – Mixing Consoles



Additionally, we are marketing several pieces of audio equipment we have developed here at Gerber Acoustic Systems.

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High Quality Gerber Acoustic Systems

Gerber Acoustic Systems stands for quality. We strive to be the best audio equipment dealer and sound engineering services provider anywhere, and it shows in everything we do. Our efforts pay off, providing you with the audio equipment and sound engineering services you deserve.

Exceptional Sound Clarity

When you get past all the technical details and brand names of audio equipment, all anyone wants is exceptional sound clarity. To get this, you need the right equipment. It does not matter how skilled anyone might be, without the right equipment, they cannot produce the best sound quality. This is why we only use the best professional audio equipment for every event we do. Every client deserves to receive the best sound engineering services and sound system rentals around, and that is exactly what we offer to every client on every job.

Excellence in Our Field

Beyond our innovative professional sound equipment, we are known for excellence in our field. We provide superior service to every client we have. We are able to do this because of the experience we bring to every event. Since 1990, we have been providing our services to many distinguished clients including Fortune 500 companies.

Great Value

Whether we are selling professional audio equipment or providing professional sound systems for corporate events, we always offer a great value. We know you are willing to pay for quality, and we give you the combination of quality services and great value you want. You know anything less than the best equipment or the best sound engineering services will not do you justice, no matter how cheap you get it. We do not make you sacrifice quality to get a great value. We charge the right price for the exceptional services and equipment we provide.


We give you the options you want. If you want to just buy your own professional audio equipment from us, or take advantage of our sound equipment rental, that is fine. If you want us to take care of all the sound engineering duties, that works too. Our goal is to see to it you get the best AV production equipment.