Audio Engineering Services

Get It All with Gerber Acoustic Systems

With Gerber Acoustic Systems, you get it all. Of course you get the top-of-the-line Sound Equipment Sales and Sound Equipment Rental and you get the option of having us handle the audio engineering duties for you. But that’s just the beginning. At Gerber Acoustic Systems you get the best sound equipment and the best sound engineering services in the business delivered in the best way possible.

Customer Service

We could rest on our laurels and expect our customers to be contented with our top-of-the-line Sound System Equipment and sound engineering services in Atlanta, Georgia but we don’t. We also provide you with excellent customer service the entire time that you are dealing with us whether you are just asking questions or if you are purchasing every piece of sound equipment we have available. We are friendly in all of our dealings because we love what we do and we know that we do it well.


We have the knowledge that is essential to helping you select sound equipment and that allows us to provide consistently amazing sound engineering services. We know the products that we sell and rent out because these are the same products that we use when we are doing the sound engineering for all of our Baltimore Maryland clients. We can tell you the facts and let you know about our experience with each piece of equipment. This allows you to know exactly what you are getting before you decide to get it.


We have plenty of experience in Atlantic City sound engineering and can handle any event. Gerber Acoustic Systems has a wealth of sound engineering experience both as a company and from the individuals who work here. Our President, and owner, has been making sure that we always provide the same stellar sound engineering services since 1990. We are an established business with an impressive resume. Just ask about some of the work that we have done and you will know just how trusted we are. Many Fortune 500 companies have taken advantage of our Sound Systems Corporate Events services to help make their events successful.


With Gerber Acoustic Systems you will be dealing with true professionals. We have the track record of superior sound engineering services that you would expect from an established business like ours. You will never need to feel worried when you are dealing with us because we have the knowledge, the experience, and the commitment to customer service that ensures that the sound at your next event will be as good as it can possibly be.