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How Can Our Audio Equipment Fit Your Event?

We are happy to take over the sound engineering duties for your entire event. We know sound engineering, and you know what you want your event to be. Let us help you to reach your event goals with the proper sound system.

No one wants to have an event where the sound system does not work or is not good enough. You do not want attendees of an event to remember that they strained to hear what was being said or that sound problems happened throughout the event. We can make sure the sound engineering for your event is done professionally, so you do not have to worry about a thing. If you want professional results, have professionals do the job. We can help you assess your sound engineering needs and design a sound system that will be everything you hope it could be.

At Gerber Acoustic Systems, we provide audio equipment rentals sales, and we can do the sound engineering for your Daytona Beach event too. Whatever your needs in this area, we can help you to figure out exactly what they are, and then fill those needs for you. When you need sound engineering services in Jacksonville, Florida and beyond, come to us, the professionals. You will not regret it.

Past Shows 2015 & 2016


Primerica – Georgia 2011


AON 2011


Primerica – Puerto Rico 2011


KFC™ 2011


Dale Carnegie 2010


Cabaret – Boca Raton2010


Visalus™ – Orlando 2010


Breakers Hotel 2010


GM – Detroit 2010




Palm Beach Film Festival 2009


Yellow Freight™ 2009


A&W™ – Long John Silver’s™


Summer 2009


PFS Summer Tour 2009


US Car Company Fleet Event 2009


Subway IPC – 2007


A phone company – Las Vegas 2007


PFS MIT – 2007


A phone company – Dallas 2007


August 2007